Military Law

military law

As a retired military officer with 22 years of military experience, Steven M. Dittrich has competently represented military members and nonmilitary spouses in their family law members for more than 19 years. Due to our reputation of providing attentive and thoughtful legal representation, many law offices refer their clients to Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. when a military issue is present in the family law proceeding.

Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. understand the particulars of serving legal documents on military personnel and complying with the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act in a family law proceeding.

Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. comprehend the number and meaning of financial entitlements military members receive and how these financial entitlements are used in determining family support, including child support. Additionally, military family & divorce lawyers at Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. are familiar with the Uniform Deployed Parents Custody and Visitation Act and how the act applies to each individual case involving a military member.

Most important, Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. has the experience and familiarity to correctly divide military retired pay, commonly called the military pension, between the parties in a military marriage dissolution proceeding. For both active duty military personnel, reserve duty military personnel, and military spouses, Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. have the practical knowledge to divide military retired pay in accordance with the Uniform Services Former Spouses’ Protection Act.

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