Family Law at Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. in Rochester, MN

Family Law Attorneys

Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. is a trusted full service family law office located in Rochester, Minnesota. From the beginning of a divorce, marriage dissolution, or child custody proceeding to the completion of the proceeding, family law attorneys at Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. are a dependable ally advocating for your best interests. With over 30 years of combined experience, Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. is more than capable to handle nearly every family-law related issue. Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. attentively collaborates with their clients to learn their goals and develop realistic expectations.

Appearing in courts throughout southeastern Minnesota, Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. has earned a reputation as distinguished family law lawyers consistently prepared striving to obtain the most favorable result for their clients. Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. has the expertise and skill to represent individuals in their family law matters at all levels of litigation, confidently appearing in Minnesota District Court, Minnesota Court of Appeals, and Minnesota Supreme Court. Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. preparedness also applies to alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including mediation, financial early neutral evaluation (FENE), and social early neutral evaluation (SENE), where family law attorneys at Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. work to develop a solution that best serves their clients’ interests without the financial and emotional expense court intervention.

The attorneys at Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. have the knowledge to effectively represent individuals in divorce and marriage dissolution proceedings involving business evaluation, business division, farm evaluation, and farm division. Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. is able to differentiate between marital property and nonmarital to ensure proper division in a divorce and marriage dissolution proceeding.

Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. has the skill to properly divide financial accounts, including retirement accounts and pensions. Moreover, Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. is one of the few Minnesota family law offices that understands the necessary procedures to divide a military pension and/or military retired pay. Many times, other law offices will retain Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. to draft the necessary documents and outline the required formulas to divide a military pension and/or military retired pay.

Other Family Law Attorney Services

In addition to representing clients in marriage dissolution proceedings, Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. has expertise in many other areas of family law. Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. is skilled at representing clients in motions to modify support obligations and parenting time and custody orders. Whether you are seeking or responding to a request for a protective order, Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. will diligently represent you. Furthermore, Dittrich & Lamers, P.A. is experienced in adoptions for step-parents, same-sex parents, and third parties.

If you are seeking a proficient, diligent, and attentive family law attorney to represent you in your family law matter, please contact Dittrich & Lamers, P.A.